Here’s Why Amazon Changed Its App Logo

In January of this year, the e-commerce giant Amazon launched a new electronic shopping logo. Soon after the current logo was changed, the company began contrasting this with Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin’s fashionable mustache.

The users discovered parallels between the Hitler and Chaplin toothbrush mustache and the redesigned Amazon logo. The firm has changed the branding after getting negative customer reviews.

Amazon’s New Logo

The application logo with a brown card box in the middle encouraged the users to anger with a stripe of the tape. The blue-colored tape over the business smiling emblem shaped like the mustache of the iconic dictator has been criticized.

A folded piece of tape has been used to cover the mustache glue in the middle of the emblem. It is the excitement of an Amazon box being opened. The Twitter users showed parallels between the redesigned logo and Aang Avatar’s well-established cartoon character.

This has become the first Amazon App icon redesign for the uninitiated in five years. Many people have opposed it since it was updated.

Amazon Follows Myntra

It is not the first time a new logo has been created on an e-commerce website. After a recent NGO had accused Myntra of being offensive and discriminatory against women, it had to change its app symbol. After the allegations, Myntra was contacted by police, and the branding was modified.

This was all about why Amazon changed its app logo. I am sure this was helpful for all of you, for more exciting updates and news on gadgets please keep surfing and scrolling to our website.

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