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In the era of reboots and spinoffs, one premise that is finally getting a second chance is How I Met Your Mother. Following some failed attempts at a spinoff, How I Met Your Father will the light of day on Hulu as production is currently ongoing. Though how does the original cast feel about the reboot? Neil Patrick Harris shares his thoughts.

How I Met Your Father stars Hilary Duff and follows a similar concept to How I Met Your Mother, with Duff’s character in the future telling her own kids the story of how she met their father going back to the year 2021. HIMYM’s Neil Patrick Harris, who played serial playboy Barney Stinson, spoke to Insider about his hopes for the new series as he brought up the previous attempts at a spinoff or reboot:

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We’re kind of in an interesting sort of spin-off world or redo worlds, right? There’s Wonder Years that’s happening again. And there’s lots of different shows that are sort of remounting in different iterations. They had tried to make a How I Met Your Father a couple of times before and so It’s nice to see that this one’s sticking. I hope it lands.

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