How To Activate International Roaming Services On Reliance Jio Numbers

By providing many services and offers Reliance Jio meets every user’s need. These services provide international roaming services that are planned specifically for users traveling abroad. Especially during international voyages, these services enable users to use Jio SIM. These international packs allow you to make use of all Jio services in 170 countries and they are already available. Users must nevertheless take certain precautions to use these facilities.

Steps To Activate The International Roaming Services On Reliance Jio Numbers Via Website

You need to enter the log-in option and enter their Jio number to receive the OTP to switch on Reliance Jio roaming services. You must sign in and press the Setup option once you have received the OTP. The setting option is on the right side of the display, and users must click on the management service area.

Now the foreign pack option must be enabled. After this, you must raise your account’s credit limit; however, your prepaid account must have a sufficient balance. Tap the button now. Tap. Reliance Jio will then flash a message that enables the requests and the reference number to be sent. Reliance Jio will send you the message when services are activated.

Steps To Activate The International Roaming Services On Reliance Jio Numbers Via MyJio Application

The service can be enabled by Reliance Jio users via the MyJio app. In order to use the services, you must open the company app and enable the services on MyJio home screen, in particular ISD/International roaming.

Then, after the services have been enabled, Reliance Jio will give you the message. Please note that you can raise the credit limit of the package with Reliance Jio. Now the preferences must be taped and the activation completed.

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