After the ban of PUB-G in India, the growing number of downloads for Among Us is Huge and not just numbers, the game is amazing too when it comes to the interface, the theme of the game of characters.

On September 28, Among Us reached three 3 million players across all platforms and has consistently remained the most-watched game since late August on live-streaming site Twitch.

In a game of Among Us, there is nothing like having a trustworthy, reliable friend by your side. When bending over to stab it, it saves time and energy.

When it comes to Among Us gameplay, the most important part is engaging in dishonesty with those you love and trust and complete betrayal. It raises the stakes, making it all the simpler and all the more rewarding for coercion and emotional blackmail.

To have that better experience while playing online with unknown players, one needs those friends who they can trust on.

Here in this post, we”ll help you on how you can add your friend in the Game.

Please follow the steps below to get started:

1. Open Among Us‘ game
2. Click on ‘Local‘ in the game’s main menu.

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3. You will be re-directed to ‘Among Us’, Local main menu. Here you can either join any of the games that your friends created over the same WiFi or you can host your own game. As your friends are unknown so, you will need to do Hosting.
4. Click on ‘Create Game‘.

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5. This will place you in the lobby of Among Us Local Play, which is nearly identical to the online lobby. Once you’ve built the game, all you have to do is work up the courage to make some friends and have them pick your room from the list of available games in the Among Us Local Play menu whenever the fateful day arrives.

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Among Us is available for both Android and iOS devices on Play store and App store.

To download and install the game on your Android phone or to know more about it please visit the link below:

For iOS devices please visit the link below:

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