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Players who find Spelunky 2’s hidden Mothership can expect character unlocks and exclusive items. They will need the Alien Compass to reach it.

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While Spelunky 2 advertises itself as full of dark, dim caverns, the game also features unique and vibrant areas, often hidden from plain sight. Players don’t necessarily need to reach every area to beat the game; however, they’re always rewarded with something — from exclusive enemies to character unlocks. In the depths of the Ice Caves, the Mothership is one of these fun secrets. Featuring a new unlockable character, the Pilot, and the only guaranteed path to the Plasma Cannon, Spelunky 2’s Mothership is a rewarding find for those who seek it out.

On their way to the Mothership, players’ first goal should be making it to Vlad’s Castle. In the Dwelling, they’ll need to find the Golden Key and Chest on 1-2 or 1-3 to collect the Udjat eye. Players should then take the right exit from the Dwelling to make it to 2-1 on Volcana. Finding Van Horsing is necessary to get to the Mothership most easily, so players need to find the key and free him from his prison. From there, players should search for the Big Drill located on 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4 to dig their way to Vlad’s Castle. After climbing up and defeating Vlad with the help of Van Horsing, players can finally move on to the Olmec fight, following 2-4.

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Inside the Olmec fight, there are many exits players can take. The first exit is just underneath the entrance floor; however, players must dig further to continue their path to the Mothership. Using Olmec’s own weapons against him, players need to dig one level further to reach the exit to the Temple of Anubis. It’s easily marked for players by three locusts that should spawn just outside of it.

How to Access the Mothership in Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 Mothership Entrance

If players successfully killed Vlad with the help of Van Horsing, he will be waiting for them on 4-1 in a back room. Finding him and talking to him will reward the Alien Compass, which is the item that will help guide them to the Mothership. Outside of that, there’s nothing of interest left in the Temple of Anubis, so players should take their time and stay cautious as they approach the Ice Caves.

Unlike other areas in the game, the Ice Caves are made up of a singular floor, 5-1. With the Alien Compass, players should now see an arrow pointed toward the bottom of the level, separate from the normal exit. Using Vlad’s Cape or another item, players must slowly float down to the arrow, following exactly where it’s pointed. By the time players reach the arrow at the bottom of their screen, they’ll be unable to see their character but should be able to finally enter the Mothership.

Inside the Mothership is full of aliens and clones. Players should easily locate the protected Plasma Cannon, as well as the clone-like pod. Using bombs, players can reach the new unlockable character, the Pilot, and use the explosive Plasma Cannon. The Mothership is one of the smaller, more secret areas to explore in Spelunky 2, but players looking to complete the game will have a fun time finding it.

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Spelunky 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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