For a multitude of reasons, Windows PCs freeze. One case may be a fluke, but repeated freezes indicate that you want to solve a problem. This is how a stuck PC is unfrozen and recovered – and prevented from freezing. In this post, you will learn “How to fix a Frozen Windows PC”.

You can get back your frozen PC in many ways depending on the issue. Often, all you have to do is wait a few seconds — the PC can hang up and freeze a few seconds later.

When you freeze and block a full-screen application, like a game, press Alt+F4. This closes the app if the game has graphical issues, so it won’t work if it has absolutely frozen.

Select Ctrl+Alt+Delete to see if the machine still responds. From this screen, you can log in or restart your PC by opening the works manager (and closing any running applications). You will not be able to reset your PC without this screen showing.

Open "Task Manager" from the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen.

You will be able to recover from freeze if you can open the Task Manager. (The task manager can also be opened using Ctrl+Shift+Esc.)

Choose the “Processor” tab — press “More Info” if you do not view it. Find all processes that use loads of CPUs — press the “Processor” column to order by CPU and look at the most strict processes on the right.

To finish the application forcefully click on a process to pick it, and click “End Job.” You’re going to lose unsaved jobs, but if it collapses and uses loads of CPUs, you might not find some way to recover unsaved results.

Click the "CPU" column to sort by CPU usage. Click a process to select it, and then click "End Task."

Press on the power button in the lower right corner of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen and pick “Reboot,” if you have no unsaved work, so ideally your machine can work properly after rebooting since it addresses several device problems.

To lock the computer and return to the sign-in computer, you can also try pressing Windows+L. From there, you can also restart your PC. But this approach would definitely not be used if Ctrl+Alt+Delete didn’t operate.

Click the power button and select "Restart."

Pressing Windows+Ctrl+Shift+B on your keyboard would not work in any of the above steps. This is a secret combination of hotkey that restarts the graphic drivers on your PC. This may unfreeze your machine if you are the cause of the problem.

There is only one way to recover from this if no strategy works, and your machine doesn’t answer anything a difficult shutdown.

Locate the power button of your machine, then push and hold it for 10 seconds. You’re going to shut down your machine. Wait a few seconds before you boot back by usually clicking the power button.

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This is the only way to repair it if your machine has a blue-screen. Default, as the blue screen reboots, Windows PCs are automatic so if you see a blue death screen (BSOD) and the PC doesn’t reset, automatic reset shut-offs would possibly occur. Take the error message and launch a hard shutdown or restart by pressing the power button for a longer time.

How to Stop Your PC From Freezing in the Future

The above tips will help your PC get freeze and things work normally. Don’t think about it too much if it’s just a one-time freeze. Computers have fluke issues like these occasionally. You may have a flaw in the hardware or other program of your computer.

However, something is wrong with your PC when freezes happen daily. It may be either concerned with software or hardware. You could take the Stability Monitor and the BlueScreenView in the right way.

Try running Machine Restore if freezes have recently begun and you have recently upgraded or installed your PC. This resets the program of your PC to a well-known condition. For this alternative, search the Control Panel > System and Security > System > System > System Safety > Restore the System on Windows 10.

System Restore options on Windows 10.

We suggest running an anti-malware scan to ensure the malware does not create issues with your device. With the built-in Defender anti-virus on Windows 10, you can scan and validate a free Malwarebytes scan. Some anti-malware software should be used to get a cond (or third) view.

Windows Defender antivirus scan menu.

Problems with electronics are much harder to pin down. Much may be missed. For instance, your machine could overheat, or it may have defective RAM. However, if your computer freezes frequently during the playing of pc games, this may lead to an issue with the graphical processing unit ( GPU) of your pc (or, again, overheating).

Make sure your PC is dusted off, cooled correctly and checked RAM. Hardware faults are difficult to detect. You also have to swap one part to another to see whether the error is resolved to evaluate correctly. Try letting the manufacturer manage the issues while the PC is already under warranty. This is, after all, part of what you have paid (or paid for) for them.

Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool scanning RAM

It is a smart idea to reinstall Windows to eliminate the possibility of program glitches. You can use the “Reset” option on Windows 10 to re-establish your PC. Bear in mind that all installed applications would be deleted. You should also attempt a “Fresh Start,” which offers a new setup for Windows 10 without the tools preinstalled by the PC maker.

You should still attempt to restart rolling your machine if you have just installed a big Windows upgrade in the past ten days.

Try loading Windows 10 media on another system when you freeze your PC during the reboot process. Insert the frozen PC, boot from the media, and then reinstall Windows. You know almost definitely that your machine freezes that you load Windows (or thereafter).

This was all about “How to fix the Frozen Windows PC”.

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