What comes to your mind when we talk about locking and unlocking an iPhone? Well, let me explain it to you. A locked iPhone means that your device is locked with your current carrier whose services you are using and if you choose to switch to some other network provider or change your carrier then in order to use your device with another carrier you will need to get your device unlocked from your current carrier or network provider.

NOTE: Apple Care Support will not be able to unlock your devices only your network provider or carrier can. So, before switching to another carrier make sure to get your device unlocked from your current carrier.

To unlock your phones please follow the steps below:
Contact your carrier to check if your phone can be unlocked
2. They will check the procedure and will let you know what needs to be done in order to get your phone unlocked and if you meet the requirement it will be processed by them.
3. Once your request is submitted it will take a few days to get this process completed and during this process, you need to make sure the SIM card is inserted in the device and the device is ON.
4. Once you receive a confirmation from your carrier that your device is unlocked then please follow the steps below:

A. If you have SIM card of another carrier to which you wish to switch to:
(a) Remove the current carrier SIM card and insert the new carrier SIM
(b) Setup your iPhone

B. If you do not have the SIM card of the new carrier:
(a) Please backup your iPhone
(b) After the backup is complete, erase the data of your iPhone
(c) Restore your iPhone from the backup that you have just made.

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One more very important thing here, you might get a message on your device while setting up your phone with a new SIM card that  “The SIM card inserted isn’t supported”. This is because only the compatible SIM cards from your carrier will be used to activate your iPhone. If the SIM card is of an old device or of the previous carrier then it won’t support it.

So, please use the SIM card that came with your device or you can visit the nearest store to get one.

If you still get any errors then please contact your Carrier and they will check the issue fro their end and fix it for you. Till then Happy Surfing! Stay Safe, Safe Home! 🙂


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