In this post, uses will learn how to make use of the Snipping Tool to take screenshots besides using Print Screen every time.

In the earlier days of Windows, we had to use the Print Screen key and paste it into a program if you wanted to feature markup and save a screenshot. Then Microsoft introduced a utility called the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista and later in all Windows to capture a screenshot easily.

Given below are the steps on how to use ‘Snipping Tool’:

1. In your computer or laptop press the Windows Key and type “snipping” into the search box.

5 Best Alternatives to Windows Snipping Tool - Droplr

2. Select the ‘Snipping Tool’ and the snipping tool window will appear on the screen.
3. The snipping tool concludes that you want to create a new clipping as soon as you open it. Your screen will dim and you can click and drag your cursor to select an area to copy or the area of which you want to take a screenshot. The selected area will be darker as you drag and a red border will surround it if you have never changed the snipping tool options.

Screenshot of Snipping Tool

4. When you release the cursor, the captured area will open in the snipping tool window.
5. Press the Save button, when you are done taking the screenshot.

I hope this post helped you in saving your time and energy by learning how to take a screenshot using Snipping tool.

We will be back with another exciting and informative post for you, till then Happy Surfing!

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