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LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh’s model of Covid-19 control has drawn praise in a study conducted by IIT-Kanpur. Released by chief minister Yogi Adityanath at a function in Lucknow on Monday, the detailed study has noted that sustained, organised and coordinated efforts controlled Covid-19 spread in the most populous state.
Conducted by Prof Manindra Agarwal and his team, the study throws light on the steps taken by the state government to mitigate the impact of the economic crisis during the reverse migration of over 40 lakh migrant workers. It also praises the Yogi government for providing employment to these migrant workers.

The UP Covid model included ensuring livelihood, sustaning economy, augmenting healthcare and preventing spread. The study notes that UP’s stringent audit saved 30MT oxygen per day during peak crisis. UP was the first state to airlift empty O2 tankers with IAF help to reduce turn-around time, it adds. The report also highlights that the state government arranged free bus services for returning workers and ambulance services for sick ones.
It also stressed that MNREGS was used for job creation and local self-governing bodies utilised worker database for employment cards.Upholding the findings, Yogi said: “Despite facing numerous challenges such as a huge population, lack of resources and reverse migration of workers, UP’s pandemic response is serving as a ‘model’ for various states and even countries.”
Expressing gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his guidance and support throughout the pandemic, the CM said, “Had the health and medical infrastructure not been expanded under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the country would not have been able to fight the pandemic in the way it has.”
Underlining UP’s progress in terms of availability of medical resources, the CM stated that UP continued to work in the direction amid the pandemic.
“From getting the first batch of Covid-19 tests conducted at NIV Pune in 2020 to crossing the milestone of conducting 8 crore tests today in UP, the state is moving towards becoming self-reliant in every way,” Yogi said.
Launching a scathing attack at the Opposition for allegedly perpetrating negative politics amid crises, the CM said, “In sharp contrast to other states that continued to depend on the Centre for supply of medical oxygen, UP worked on war-footing to ensure oxygen in abundance. As a result, over 500 oxygen producing plants have been set up across the state at various medical institutions.”
He also added that UP is the only state to have administered over 38 lakh vaccine doses in a single day.
“Overall, 11.5 crore people have the protective shield of the vaccine. The drive is on to vaccinate the entire eligible adult population,” the CM added.
Member of NITI Aayog and of the Union government’s core team for Covid-19 response Dr VK Paul also praised the state.
Claiming that there could have been more than 70,000 cases per day in UP during the second wave, which was prevented, he said: “Due to the proactive measures implemented by the state government, the spread was controlled in the densely populated state of 24 crore people. The state has demonstrated strong leadership, effective governance, and commitment throughout this pandemic, and led by example.”

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