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Hawkeye stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld get key MCU trivia details wrong in a hilarious video, including some of Hawkeye’s own moments.

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Marvel’s Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner forgets key MCU trivia details in a hilarious video. Renner has played MCU superhero Clint Barton, known under the alias of Hawkeye, since he first appeared on screens in 2011’s Thor. Over a decade later the actor is still playing the ace-archer and is fronting his own Disney+ series, Hawkeye, which aired its first set of episodes on November 24 and will continue to release an episode a week until its finale on December 22

Hawkeye is the fourth MCU series to hit Disney+ this year. Renner’s new series is the MCU’s first Christmas centred outing, and introduces audiences to a cast of new characters. Oscar nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld fronts the series alongside Renner as Kate Bishop, and is joined by MCU debutants Tony Dalton, and Alaqua Cox. So far, the series has received warm reviews, with Steinfeld being particularly singled out for praise.


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Now, in a video from BuzzFeed Celeb, Renner and Steinfeld have their knowledge tested on MCU trivia. The actors are faced with eight multiple choice questions about the franchise, including questions which focus on Renner’s character himself. The quiz included questions about the infinity stones, Stan Lee’s cameos, as well as other trivia. While the actors manage to get five questions right, the questions that they get wrong might surprise fans. Check out the video below: 

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Fans will be baffled by the fact that Renner seemingly forgot key details about some of his characters most memorable moments. Even Steinfeld, who only recently joined the MCU, knew some of the actors’ scenes better than he did. However, Renner isn’t the first MCU star to reveal their lack of trivia knowledge. Evangeline Lily, who plays Hope Van Dyne, AKA The Wasp, admitted that she doesn’t keep up with all of the MCU’s content, despite her major role in the expanded universe. 

Another aspect of Hawkeye that has been praised is the chemistry between cast members, and from the video it’s clear to see that Renner and Steinfeld are having fun, despite slipping up on the quiz. With similar talents to Renner’s Hawkeye, fans will be interested in Kate Bishop’s future within the MCU and the potential that she could replace Hawkeye, allowing the character to go into a well deserved retirement. However, Hawkeye is one of the last original Avengers left in the MCU, so as long as the character remains involved in the franchise, fans likely won’t mind that Renner’s trivia knowledge is less than perfect. 

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Source: BuzzFeed Celeb

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