Loki is now less than three weeks away from debuting on Disney Plus, and the hype couldn’t be higher. Marvel fans can’t wait to see Tom Hiddleston return as the God of Mischief, who will be embarking on wild, time-traveling adventures as he’s forced into working for the Time Variance Authority. The trailers have promised a very wacky show, and now Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed one major element that we can look forward to: alternate versions of various characters.

In a preview of the series, Feige teased to Entertainment Weekly that Loki will dive into the multiverse, which means that we can expect “other versions” of the Asgardian trickster. Not to mention different versions of other characters, too. Besides that, the show will also explore Loki’s long, long life prior to the events of Thor.

“Part of the fun of the multiverse and playing with time is seeing other versions of characters, and other versions of the titular character in particular,” Feige said. “He’s been around for thousands of years. He had all sorts of adventures. Wanting to fill in the blanks and see much more of Loki’s story [was] the initial desire [for the series].”

Marvel lovers have been waiting for the MCU to properly open the doors to the multiverse for a long time now – both Spider-Man: Far From Home and WandaVision fooled us into thinking they would be the ones to do it – but it looks like Loki will be the real deal and finally dig into alternate realities prior to the concept fully being explored in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2.

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