The next major update to Android does its best to surface buried features, merge confusing ones, and streamline access and control of devices. In short, the friendliest one is yet your next big Android update. – Android 11 Beta

On Wednesday, Google has unveiled the first Android 11 Beta and some of its features.

Google described in a blog post a handful of key updates and performance improvements users can find in the first Android 11 beta after a brief pause out of consideration for the demonstrations and debates surrounding racial injustice and justice.

The new Android OS update takes all of your messages through various messaging apps, such as Google Meet and Google Duo, and places them in Notifications in one place. So now, there are a couple of ways to keep your most significant interactions present and available.

The first ability is to prioritise a post, which ensures that it will still appear on your monitor and even break through a “Do Not Disturb” environment.

Second one is called “Bubbles,” which looks and works almost exactly like the Chatheads of Facebook. It keeps the most important information of yours in Avatar bubble that can float on top of other applications.

Android 11 also juices up the physical power button with a new long-press action that reveals a smart or connected system control centre.

Google releases the first Android 11 Beta, cancels the launch event -  MSPoweruser

The same long press will also give you access to stuff like boarding passes and payment methods. “We like to think of it as a ‘pocket‘ for your digital wallet, keys, and etc.”

Just like Apple, Android 11 also pulls out a page if the iOS book surfaces media playback controls in a way that makes going from playing music on your speakers to, for example, your headphones much simpler.

It’s you who has to decide: Certain privacy enhancements, such as the ability to issue software permissions on a per-use basis, are also underway. You will have re-grant authorization the next time you open the app (is that progress?). When you haven’t used an app for a long time, allowances will also take time off.

Clearly, in Android 11, this just scratches the surface of all the improvements we foresee. There will also be several betas before this fall ‘s final update. So, take a look at this as just an early sample of the coming final smartphone OS.

Users of Google Pixel Phone (version 2 and above) are now able to check it out. Google promises access in the coming weeks, as with the rest of the Android Phone world.

That was all about the Android 11 Beta update, stay tuned for more!


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