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The measure of how many viewers are watching a TV show live isn’t quite as what used to be. In the world of DVR, appointment viewing has decreased significantly, especially for shows with a fanbase like A Million Little Things with fans who tend to catch up a little late. Given its late weekday time slot, it’s not surprising that people might be waiting a day or two (or seven) to catch up on the lives of Rome, Gary, Eddie, et al. What is surprising is just how many people are doing this, as A Million Little Things has seen bigger jumps in delayed viewership than any broadcast on a major network in more than six months.

A Million Little Things returned to ABC in September for its fourth season, and the ratings have consistently shown a huge increase in the number of viewers tuning in over the course of a week. Viewership numbers can be a handful, so let’s break down exactly what A Million Little Things is doing and just how big of a deal that is.

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