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Resident Evil 4 VR, currently exclusive to Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, is getting a free content update in 2022 that will add in the high-requested Mercenaries mode.

Meta and Capcom haven’t narrowed down a window for when the update will release, but confirmed that work on The Mercenaries for the VR adaptation is currently being worked on. The Mercenaries, like all of the other modes in core Resident Evil games, turns the horror action into a more arcade affair, pitting you against an unending horde of enemies that you need to survive as a countdown to extraction ticks away.

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Additional comfort options are also being worked on for an update in 2022. These will include new options that will add hand-based steering, make left-handed play more comfortable, and allow players to adjust the height of Leon’s in-game chest and waist to make inventory management a bit more flexible.

Meta and Capcom have been extremely happy with the success of Resident Evil 4 VR thus far, with the game managing to become the fastest-selling app on the Oculus Store in all of Quest history. It is still exclusive to Meta’s latest standalone headset, however, with no word on a port for the original Quest.

Resident Evil 4 VR manages to revive the classic third-person horror game in numerous ways, giving existing and new fans alike good reason to check in with one of the most influential horror games of all time. In our Resident Evil 4 VR review, Kurt Indovina praised the game’s new mechanics, saying, “RE4VR is an essential game to have in your Oculus Quest 2 library, right alongside Beat Saber and Superhot.”

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