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shah: Mafia to Mughals: Five focus areas of Amit Shah’s speech in UP | India News

BJP leader Amit Shah on Friday kickstarted BJP’s membership drive in Uttar Pradesh. In his speech, Shah, who is credited with some of BJP’s most spectacular electoral wins, also outlined the focus areas of BJP’s campaign for the upcoming assembly elections.
Here are the top five areas on which Shah focussed in his speech:
1) Yogi freed UP from mafia
Amit Shah lauded UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath for reining in the mafia which, he claimed, was active in the state before the BJP formed its government. There were a couple of ‘bahubalis’ in every district of the state and now such people can’t be found even with a magnifying glass, Shah said. The Union home minister also said women could move out in the state safely which was not the case earlier.
2) Mughal rule jibe to target opposition’s appeasement politics
Amit Shah took a dig at opposition parties over appeasement politics and said for a long time the people of Uttar Pradesh felt that the Mughal rule had not ended in the state. “Things changed in the state after the BJP came to power with a clear majority,” he said. Stating that there was a time when areas like Kairana were witnessing exodus, the Union home minister claimed that things had changed under the BJP. The Yogi government has allowed UP to get back its identity, Shah said.
3) Nepotism charge
In his speech, Amit Shah hit out at political rivals claiming that it was the BJP that showed governments are not for a family but for the entire state. Targeting Akhilesh Yadav, Amit Shah said the Samajwadi Party leader should answer how much time he had spent abroad during the last five years. “Parties that are centered around families, only work for themselves or a few people. At best, they will benefit a caste but not the state,” Shah said. Attacking political rivals, Shah said many “Chunavi mendak (seasonal frogs)” have come out as elections are near.
4) Ram Temple
Shah made it clear that Ram Temple would be a focus area of BJP’s campaign. Attacking the Samajwadi Party, Amit Shah said, “Akhilesh and company would taunt us that we spoke of building Ram Temple but could never mention a date. Now, not just the date, we have even laid the foundation of the temple.”
The Union home minister alleged that the Samajwadi Party government had fired bullets at those who wanted a temple.
5) Yogi fulfilled 90% of poll promises, handled Covid well
Amit Shah was all praise for chief minister Adityath for efficient handling of the Covid pandemic. “UP is a state with a population equal to Europe and there were concerns about the impact of Covid on the state”, but chief minister Adityanath did the best possible, Shah said. The Union home minister claimed that the Yogi government had fulfilled 90 % of the promises made before the previous assembly elections.

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