Sony Surprises PlayStation Plus Subscribers With Another Free Game

PlayStation Plus members are being spoiled with some top quality content over the next several weeks. In this post you will get to know about Sony Surprises PlayStation Plus Subscribers With Another Free Game.

The free games for all subscribers included, as announced during the first State of Play radio show in 2021 “Final Fantasy VII Remake, Remnant: Of Ashes, maquette and farpoint” but it’s not all. The imagined classic from Square Enix, who sees Cloud Strife as part of the clandestine terrorist unit that liberates Midgar from the tyrannical Shinra, is certainly more than sufficiently significant to fill up a strong 30-day match, meaning that the remaining three will most probably add to this backlog, despite having excellent experiences of their own, in particular when it comes to A-entertainment.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming to PlayStation and the next month from the ground up recreation of 1998 Abe’s Exodus, and owners of the former platform will be able to relive the miserable storey of Mudokon without spending a bunch. Okay, at least kind of.

If you see that on the 6th of April Oddworld: Soulstorm falls next month, PlayStation Plus members on PS5 will get free, so that they have to sit on last-generation devices. This is certainly a frustrating result at the best of times, but even more so when the new console still has so little to offer.

However, fortunately, some kind of workaround allows users on either platform to get their upcoming title for nothing from Oddworld Inhabitants. People who still have to win the lottery for cool retail sites can secure their Soulstorm copy directly from the web version of the PlayStation Store. You cannot play it until, of course, you buy a PS5, but it is nevertheless a welcome compromise.

All four of the above games are now available in the March freebies lineup. Take advantage of this!

It was all about the Sony Surprises PlayStation Plus Subscribers With Another Free Game. I hope this was helpful for all of you. For more exciting news and updates about gadgets please continue scrolling and surfing through our website.

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