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The Analogue Pocket, a new retro console to play your old retro games on, will begin shipping preorders out on December 13. Everybody who placed a preorder should have received an email with the updated shipping date. As for when the Pocket will actually hit your doorstep, Analogue gave a delivery date estimate ranging from December 14 to December 30.

If you cannot receive a package during those dates, due to holiday travels or other matters, you can request a hold on your package and select a shipping date of January 3. If your address has changed, Analogue will allow you to change where you want to receive the delivery. The last date for making any edits to your orders, be that requesting a hold or changing your address, will be November 28.

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Much like many tech companies out there, the Analogue Pocket is going through supply chain troubles triggered and complicated by the pandemic, leading to multiple shipping date delays. It originally had a target shipping date of May, then October, and now finally, in December, it looks like the product will be in transit to customers.

The $200 Analogue Pocket preorders sold out in just 16 minutes, and scalpers, to no one’s surprise, are already listing the console at inflated prices on resell sites. The Analogue Pocket will not be a limited edition product, as promised by the company, and there are plans to restock. Analogue also took active steps to curb scalping during the preorder period, like reporting scalpers reselling preorders since it’s against Ebay’s TOS to sell an item currently not in possession. If you can wait, getting the console at retail price in the future does not look to be a Herculean task, as compared to say, obtaining one of the newest Nvidia graphic cards (not at scalper-prices, obviously).

Anyways, if you’re among the many still looking for other consoles, like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can check out our PS5 Restock Tracker and Series X Restock Tracker. Godspeed and good luck.

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