How many times have you been about to jump online only to find hang on a second where did my WiFi signal go? Well WiFi AR used augmented reality to show you how strong the signal is in the physical space around you and there’s a lot more where that came from.

So, this post I will discuss the best android applications to take into in 2020.

  1. SplitCloud Double Music – Play two songs at once:
    SplitCloud is the only streaming music player that lets you share your headphones and listen to two different songs at once!
  • Stream music and playlists, share your headphones, with this dual music player app.

    If you ever had to share headphones with a friend or partner then this app is for you! Access all Soundcloud music plus all the songs saved on your device Music Library.
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  • You can create your own custom playlists, listen to thousands of online radios worldwide for every genre.

    It has an independently adjustable volume option for each player.
    Shuffle and repeat your songs
    Share your favorite playlists to your Soundcloud account.

2. CRAYON: Crayon is a linear icons pack application filled with pastel colors. You can compliment your phone screen with exclusive crayon icons with cartoon themes and beautiful pastel colors. Each icon is a real masterpiece and designed in an order to create a perfect and pure unique experience.

Gadgets Monster its Gadgets Monster Time...

There are over 5000+ icons as well as a multitude of high-quality wallpapers to complement the look with crayon icons.

The only thing that might stop you from using this application is that it is a paid application on Playstore but I must say it is worh the money which is not too much. I’m sure you’re going to love the app if you are someone who likes to personalise your phone a lot.

3. BLOB: When it comes to personalizing and customizing your phone who doesn’t love changing their wallpapers. I do!!! So, here it is the third app which is a calm 3D shape wallpapers and colors for OLED screens.

BLOB Live Wallpaper FREE - Apps on Google Play

The motion of the 3D wallpaper is noticeable on your screen with those soft-pastels to vibrant colors. I’m in Love!

4. MIUI-ify: MIUI-ify provides a smooth, fast, and naive feeling MIUI 12 styled quick settings and notification panel at the bottom of your home screen, allowing you to toggle settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, Fash, and many more. Also adding shortcuts to apps and websites in the panel too.

Gadgets Monster its Gadgets Monster Time...

With this you can:
Control all notifications
==> Reply, open, dismiss, interact and manage
==> Full-color customization
==> Move your device’s status bar to the bottom of the screen
==> Full support for notification and system settings
==> Blacklist: hide the status bar in specific apps.

5. OVERDROP: Okay, I get! The weather apps are boring but if you were going to use one over drop is my absolute favorite. I’m a big fan of applications that manage to keep sophisticated features whilst also keeping the interface clean and Overdrop is the best example of this.

Overdrop Pro Key (READ DESCRIPTION) - Apps on Google Play

You can get as much or as little information as you need plus the widget pack that bundled looks great when paired with a flat style wallpaper.

6. SCREENSHOTGO: Yes, the next one is a screenshot to go. We all take screenshots and it just works so we never really think to change our screenshot application.

But, this app can solve the problem that I faced earlier. It can extract texts from those screenshots which has two implications which means the app understands the content of your images.

Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast | Go Apk Files

So you can search for your screenshots just based on what was written in them and when you have found those screenshots, you can copy text directly fro them to paste elsewhere even if the screenshot was taken years back, say 10 years for an example.

7. POST BOX: This application ais to stop your need to continue checking your phone by piling up your notifications and then releasing them all at once are specified times you can choose to release them one to three or four per day just to give yourself time to breathe.

Postbox: Part of the digital well being experiment by Google

8. DESERT ISLAND: Desert Island is one of those home screen replacements that tries to strip you off every time but when you need you to pick up to seven apps for your home screen and it hides the rest away.

desert island news - Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games,  phones, tablets

Also, removing all those colorful icons which are build to lure you in it works. And the other thing I like is that you get reporting, it tells you how many times you have used each of these apps so you’ve got a figure to say this as if the application is these universally menacing things but a lot of them can be wonderful tools.

9. PICNIC: When talking about the wonderful apps then why not a photo editing app right? So, here it is the PICNIC app, which makes your photo beautiful in any weather.

PICNIC - photo filter for dark sky, travel apps - Apps on Google Play

No matter what the weather is, PICNIC can take you to a glorious morning in Santorini or to a dreamy sunset in Paris. The sky would change the color itself in the photo when you change the effect and it is not just the color, you would actually see how beautifully the edit and lighting of the filter make the photo so glorious.

You can also see the difference by capturing a before and after using this app edit for a photo and you will see the difference on your own. And if you show those pictures to your friends they won’t even say that it is fake.

10. TINY PLANET: This app is not so useful but insanely fun to use. It’s interesting because it allows you to distort normal photos and see them from a competely different perspective.

How to Create Amazing Tiny Planet Photos with Your iPhone « iOS & iPhone ::  Gadget Hacks

It makes you think sometimes even in relative dull scenes if you plan it carefully, you can take some intriguing tiny planet photos and the app gives you some trippy options to play around with which you can spin, rotate and distort.

This was all for today!

Please Stay home & Stay Safe!


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