Twitter Spaces Comes to Android in India and Other Markets for Testing

Twitter Spaces is now available for Android users all over the world, as the company extends its testing of its Clubhouse-style audio chat rooms functionality. In this post you will get to know about Twitter Spaces Comes to Android in India and Other Markets for Testing.

According to the company, Android users will not be able to host spaces for the time being, but they will be able to enter and talk in them. Hosting will be available soon. The feature on the microblogging site that allows users to build public and private audio chat rooms was first announced in December of last year. However, it had only been tested on iOS, but it is now being extended to include Android users. Despite the fact that the feature is still in beta, the Android release of Twitter Spaces indicates that the new audio chat rooms feature may be widely adopted soon.

“We’re growing to give more people the ability to engage in Spaces and listen in! People with Android will be able to enter, listen to, and talk in conversations over Spaces beginning in the coming days,” Twitter said in a statement. In late January, Twitter announced that it was working on bringing the feature to Android users in a tweet.

In announcing the launch, Twitter executives emphasised that Spaces is still in its early stages, and that their top priority is to enhance moderation. As a result, they’re being careful about launching features like capturing conversations, which could appeal to podcasters, and monetising Spaces, which could make the feature even more appealing.

Twitter Spaces testing was extended to 3,000 iOS users last month, up from the 1,000 who were originally enlisted to check out the new feature. Although only beta testers were able to create public or private audio rooms, some of their iOS followers were able to join in on the Spaces created to get a feel for how the feature works.

Twitter is also contemplating adding Spaces to the Web interface, but this is only one of many features it is considering, including changes to the user interface that may make it easier to use various features. However, no timetable has been given at this time. Other features, such as captions, are also being created to enhance the platform’s usability, according to the company.

Spaces will be open to a small community of Android users in the coming weeks, according to Twitter. “Keep an eye out in your fleetline for the purple aura and tap to join. You can also enter Spaces using a connection that has been sent to you (via Tweets, DMs). Android users may also use emoji reactions, see captions, and be invited to talk in a Room, according to the company.

The feature competes with Clubhouse, an invite-only social media network available only on iOS that allows users to participate in voice chats rather than sending text messages. According to a Sensor Tower survey, the app recently exceeded 10 million downloads globally within a year of its launch.

Twitter has been battling Clubhouse by releasing more audio-focused features on its website on a regular basis. Last month, it introduced voice DMs (direct messages) in India, Brazil, and Japan. In June of last year, the company first added audio messaging to its website with voice tweets for iOS users. It had previously reported that it was working hard to make it available to Android users soon in November.

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