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Electric cars have numerous advantages – from a small environmental footprint to an instant torque when you step on the pedal. One of the rarely discussed advantages is the frunk – the . This extra space in a place that used to be reserved for the engine is very useful. But which electric vehicle has the frunk?

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Ford F-150 Lightning is bound to be one of the most popular electric pickup trucks on the market. Image credit: Ford

Well, the answer is quite simple – Ford F-150 Lightning. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, knowing that it is a full size pickup truck. But it is still worth mentioning, because of how useful this space is. F-150 Lightning’s frunk has a capacity of 400 liters! And you can load it with 181 kg of cargo. That’s why Ford called it Mega Power Frunk.

Frunks sometimes can be a little bit hard to access because of the high loading height. It is certainly a problem for taller cars. However, F-150 Lightning has a huge opening – even the faux grille moves out of the way electrically. And it all started as an idea modelled with a cardboard box.

F-150 Lighning’s frunk features. Image credit: Ford

Back in 2018 Ford’s dedicated battery electric vehicles incubator Team Edison designed a cardboard box which became the visualization tool for the shape of the F-150 Lightning’s frunk. As a cardboard box can be opened in many ways to access its contents easily, F-150 Lightning’s frunk also folds out of the way. And it has many other cool features too.

For example, it is pretty much waterproof, which could allow it to be used as a cooler of sorts. It has drainage holes and everything. Of course, there are power plugs as well – four electrical outlets and two USB chargers can deliver up to 2.4 kilowatts of power for TVs, power tools, lights. The shape of the frunk is asymmetric for a reason – it fits a full set of golf clubs this way. And, of course, there are several grocery bag hooks for that added layer of practicality.

Asymmetric shape of the F-150 Lightning’s frunk is designed to allow for one set of golf clubs – a great feature for a pickup truck. Image credit: Ford

It would be easy to take a good frunk for granted, but many electric cars don’t even have one. Mercedes-Benz EQC and Volkswagen ID.3 are good examples of frunkless e-cars. Meanwhile Tesla Model X has a good 187 liter frunk, but it is nowhere near as big as that one in F-150 Lightning. For now the electric version of the most popular pickup truck ever can brag about having the largest (and probably the most useful) frunk on the market.


Image credit: Ford

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