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Celebrity chef and restauranteur Bobby Flay has been a fixture on Food Network for quite some time now. So fans were likely shocked when it was reported back in October that he appeared to be leaving his TV home. This was reportedly due to a disagreement within negotiations between Flay and the network. Though it now seems the food connoisseur is actually going to be sticking around for a while, thanks a new deal that’s been struck.

That’s right, Bobby Flay has officially extended his contract with Food Network for three more years following six weeks of stalled negotiations, according to Variety. The fan-favorite network has been making big moves lately, as this agreem comes after Guy Fieri made a three-year deal with the network that’s in the eight-figure range. This new deal will allow the star to reach the 30-year mark with the entertainment company, which is a pretty impressive feat. In a statement to the trade, Flay said: 

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I have an amazing family at Food Network and a great foundation. And I have a sizable library of food television here. I’m a lucky person. I grew up in a time when this country finally decided that food was important. … It’s always been my determination to always evolve. It’s part of why I’ve been able to stay relevant in this genre. I’m going to be pitching a lot of things that we haven’t seen when it comes to this kind of programing. I’m ready to turn the page and create a new chapter of what (foodie TV) is going to look like.

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