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Where the heck has Jennifer Lawrence been? The Hunger Games actress took an acting break for the past couple years, but she’s about to be back, and possibly stronger than ever. Before her break from Hollywood, Lawrence was one of the highest paid actresses in the game. That seems like an odd time to go off the grid for a couple of years, so why did she choose to go on a hiatus and how did her last film before the break, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, factor in?

Jennifer Lawrence has put out plenty of top-tier films. Sure, she gained house-hold name status by portraying Katniss in The Hunger Games film adaptation franchise, but she starred in Winter’s Bone and was X-Men’s Mystique even before that. My personal favorite JLaw films have to be American Hustle and Silver Lining’s Playbook, though, both in which she plays opposite Bradley Cooper. 

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